Kitsbydarren started May 2013 in Nottingham, I was inspired by son Darren Singh . My son plays football for Saturday and Sunday League and he has been playing since he was 5 years of age today he is 15, he plays Striker, and midfield. The name of the company was chosen by my young Nephews , involving young youth giving great and fresh ideas for a New
Bury Armature Club FC & Salford Juniors ,were the clubs he played for.
Understanding of how Clubs work. Working with Big Business like Inphase International, which is my Dad and my 3 brothers
Company who will sponsor a football team. I would also like to be in a position to Sponsor a club with everyone help we
can get there , and per-saved other Companys to come on board Sponsoring.

Why is Kitsbydarren different to everyone ,
1. We keep our prices very simple.
2. Good Quality Products at low prices.
3. Provide Kits that don’t discontinue.
4. Value for money,and give great deals and offers.
5. Have a large variety of product under 1 roof.
6. Work with British Company’s and kitsbydarren is Manufacturing there own Basket ball and Football kits in the UK.
& I will try our very beat to keep customers happy.

So we hope you enjoy browsing at our site and happy shopping.
Kind Regards Jane Kasbia

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